There are many different forms of Yoga, often with their own philosophy and practice. Some meditative forms of yoga focus on mental concentration, others focus on physical exercises and positions, as well as breathing exercises.

Yoga exercises take a holistic approach to bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Yoga has positive effects on physical as well as on mental health.

Yoga can lead to alleviation of a variety of diseases such as sleep disorders, chronic headache and back pain.

It has positive effects on stress disorders.

Yoga trains strength, flexibility, sense of balance and muscle endurance.

It activates the muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood and lymph vessels. The back muscles are strengthened, which in turn leads to improved posture.

Yoga for the back

A well-balanced program for well-being especially for the back.
To prevent or relieve back tension, special exercises strengthen the trunk and spine. Mindful movements can reduce stress and pressure and improve your body awareness. Stretching and meditation complete the lesson. In the deep relaxation phase, you can let go and regenerate.


Yoga Relax

When the concentration subsides, the back, the head, the neck hurts, and the eyes burn it is time for Yoga Relax!

Yoga Relax during the lunch break offers relaxing, regenerating exercises with great effects - let the work stress roll off your shoulders, relax the body from head to toe, close your eyes and feel the breath.

60 minutes of relaxation and yoga exercises for the neck and back - to relax and stretch these often very tense body regions.

The gentle yoga postures give you a pleasant and healthy break and the relaxation at the end brings you peace and balance for your tasks in everyday life back.



This movement art, which has existed for some years, is made up of the wisdom of yoga, the joy of acrobatics, and the healing power of Thai massage.

Acro Yoga tests and trains body awareness, balance, body tension and coordination,
confidence and responsibility, and the ability to let go and relax. Acro Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced alike.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga includes physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation. It brings the human potential to full development.


The skills of physical and mental self-awareness are trained.
Diseases such as heart and circulatory problems, high blood pressure, joint pain, rheumatism and arthritis, back, neck and shoulder problems, headaches can be counteracted.