We make kids move

For an adventurous & happy childhood

Fit for life!

Exercise in the childhood is an essential prerequisite for the development of children to self-confident and healthy adults.

Sport & Exercise gives children the opportunity to try out in a safe environment and develop a positive relationship with their own body and the environment.


Sport speaks a language that everyone understands - and that inspires! That is the basis for a positive mediation of sports values.

Sports for Kids


Romping, crawling, jumping, swinging - children and parents can have a lot of fun together on a variety of movement landscapes. The children romp together in age appropriate groups.

When registering online please enter the name of the child. Siblings between the ages of 2 and 5 can join forces in the "Geschwisterkurs".

Siblings or friends who are not registered, are not allowed to play!
In the parent-child gymnastics courses the parents do gymnastics with their children. Course places can only be exchanged for vacant seats through the organization in the office.


Movement with music, small choreographies and lots of fun. In this course children can move creatively. Every child wants to move, every child can dance!
In the children's dance, children can immerse themselves in a wide variety of imaginative worlds, let themselves be guided by music and playfully learn how to represent themselves and express themselves through dance.



Bouldering and rock climbing are perfect recreational activities for parents with children. In this course you can learn under the guidance of an expert. 


When climbing, parents learn to secure their child. The child climbs with secured ropes on child-friendly, easy routes. In this course, only the children climb. The parents learn to secure their child.

Target group: Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Special climbing shoes are not required. Clean indoor sports shoes and comfortable sports clothing are sufficient

Climbing equipment and admission are included in the course price. Only the parents need a registration. However, please state the name of the child.


In this course, children have the opportunity to move under the supervision and guidance of competent course leaders without the supervision of their parents.

The courses are aimed at children aged 6-10 years, who want to get to know the classic gymnastic equipment in a playful way. No long queuing in rows, but the versatile aspects of the sport gymnastics on bars, horizontal bars, boxes and other equipment are in the center.


The children have the opportunity to get to know various possibilities of movement in a playful way and thus to develop a good basis for a sportive and active life:

Acrobatics, dexterity, agility and, above all, let off steam together and enjoy the movement.