Sport and health need not always be combined with agony and competition, but also with beneficial effects. Exercise is an important part of a balanced and healthy life. Even small efforts have a great impact on body and mind. The below listed offer is especially for people with little to no experience in sports, but also for health-conscious athletes.
The prerequisite for attending these courses is the possession of the current  
SportsCard des Hochschulsport Hamburg.


The core principles of Pilates are: Concentration, control, breath, relaxation, coordination, harmonic movement and vitality. In this course, we will explore these principles in depth.


Faszien Workout

Faszien are a network of connective tissue, which covers our whole body. This course leads you through the 5 principles of faszien training and aims to help you improving your mobility.


Functional training

Functional training is the work out Top-athletes use. It helps you to become more resilient, prevents injuries and serves to regulate stress in all areas of life. That means: We become faster, stronger while improving our mobility.


Runners meet

This course is designed to build up your running capacities and to guide you to more awareness of your personal limitations. We run as a group with varying distances